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Market Research
All successful businesses need to have a close understanding of potential and existing customers and the marketplace they work in. This understanding allows you to target customers, sell effectively, compete with other suppliers and spot new opportunities. Performing market research on potential customers and your competitors will help you to gain this vital knowledge.

Marketing Strategy Development
Does your business suffer from Ė
  • Sales peaks and troughs
  • Spending on Marketing but it isnít working
  • Not got time to carry out Marketing activities
  • Want more sales from my product or service
  • Attracting and retaining profitable customers
If the answer is yes, to any of the above itís a Marketing Strategy Review your business requires. Inspire Marketing Consultancy will take the time to understand the businessís, current issues, whatís working well, what needs improving, carry out competitor audits and devise a plan to achieve the growth and profitability required.

Product Development, launch and Re-launch
From concept to product launch, we can help manage the process through to the first sale. We have a proven track record in re-branding and launching previously unsuccessful product lines and converting into profitable, successful products and services.

Branding & Corporate Identity
Building and managing a brand can play a significant part in becoming market leader. The concept of a brand extends far beyond just your company logo to your business' core values and to every interaction you have with customers and suppliers. If its brand recognition and loyalty you want to achieve, contact us.

Event Organising
Whether the event is for a large or small number of delegates, attention to detail is essential to achieve success. We have a proven track record managing and delivering events within budget and meeting the event objectives.

Internet and online Marketing
The internet provides small businessís with a powerful tool for developing online sales channels. Raising visibility and increasing user awareness through various internet marketing activities. Our online marketing services include comprehensive emarketing launches, newsletters and affordable web marketing strategies.

Direct Marketing and email Marketing
For many businesses, it's by far the most cost-effective form of marketing. From direct mail and leaflet drops to telemarketing and email marketing, it allows you to target both existing and potential customers with greater accuracy than any other method. The success of direct-marketing campaigns is dependant upon an accurate, up to date database and solid planning is essential if you are to make the most of your investment, get the response rates you require. Inspire Marketing Consultancy is able to provide the expertise to ensure high response rates.

Advertising, PR and Copy Writing
We can help you achieve an effective return on investment for advertising and recommend the correct medium for your business. If you want to produce a crystal clear, concise, distinctive and memorable campaign to attract attention and new customers, then look no further. We can provide the content and manage the creative.